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Online Slots Strategy Guide
Tips and Strategy

Online Slots Strategy Guide 

Many people believe that a decent online slots strategy guide won’t work due to the fact that casinos carefully control the many machines they offer their players. Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth as all slot machines, both land based and online are solely controlled by random number generators which ensure that all results are completely random. At this point, you may be thinking something along the lines of “if all slot machines are completely random, how would an online slots strategy guide ever help me?” but just because a slot machines cannot be read, predicted or altered to show different results, doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few tricks that could help you to play a more efficient game.

Online Slots Strategy – A Few Basic Tips

There are many things the potential slots player can do to potentially maximise his or her time spent playing. A few of these things will work all the time, whereas some may not. It all depends on what type of mood the mystical lady luck is in at that specific time. That being said however, there are a few common misconceptions or myths in fact, that slot machines burn hot and cold and that casinos always “place” their best machines in places that can be easily accessed, whether it’s the front of the casino, by the major pathways in land based casinos or at the top of the list at online casinos. This is purely myth and a number of studies have been conducted by well versed individuals to disprove this, which they have all done on numerous occasions. The random number generators used in slot machines are far too well designed and efficient to burn “hot or cold” which means that every spin of the reels is truly random and cannot be.

The tips, tricks and techniques that will enable you to play more efficiently and more effectively are:

  • Choose your online slot machine very carefully. There are so many different variations of games to play, each with its own unique characteristics. This means you will need to decide which type of machine you would prefer to play, be it the old fashioned classic slots, the new age video slots or the mega rich progressive slots that come complete with million dollar jackpots.
  • Graphics and sound effects as well as bonus games and free spins rounds will also play an important role in the decision making process as you will need to decide if you would rather skip all the fanfare and get down to playing the game with the smallest amounts of fuss or if you would prefer the excitement that comes with playing the amazing new video slots that often have exciting graphics (some even in 3D), intrinsic sound effects and various bonus features that will entertain you while you play.
  • Before you start playing, you will need to work out a budget. One that will allow you to manage your money effectively. This budget should not only include how much you can afford to lose, but also, what you would be happy to win.
  • Before you play, you should also spend a few minutes familiarising yourself with your slot machine. You should pay close attention to how many paylines it has, what the minimum wager is and most importantly, how big the jackpot is because all online slots, no matter if they are the ordinary classic and video slots or the progressive slots, will have a jackpot of some sort.
  • The “Bet Max” button will be your best friend. This particular betting option will activate all the paylines and will usually activate the games hidden jackpot. We’re not saying you should tape your finger on it and never leave, we’re just saying that it is the best bet to make. When using the fabled Bet Max button, you should pay close attention to your budget as this type of betting will make it extremely easy to go broke very quickly.
  • Our final bit of advice is probably the most important one. Know when to stop. It doesn’t matter if your behind or ahead, knowing when to stop will allow you to keep whatever money you may have lost and it will allow you to be able to afford to come back and play again should you be on a particularly bad losing streak.

The Most Popular Casino Games

Even though an online slots strategy may not be completely necessary to enjoy a good night in or our playing slots, it will make sure that you can enjoy yourself more often. Online slots and slot machines in general are the most popular casino games in the world so you know that when you play them, you are joining millions of other slot enthusiast in a good time. Hopefully our online slots strategy guide has been helpful and if you suddenly feel the need to play, head over to our slots page where you will find a host of exciting games to play by all the top software providers.

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